Through Self Performance we manage the schedule, quality and success.



Full Design Services including: Plans, Renderings, 3D Models



Construction Material Sourcing with quality and new technologies.

Our promise and focus

NEXTEK Construction is a new type of General Contracting Firm, adopting new technologies, utilizing the most current construction software and integrating off-site construction, NEXTEK is the future of construction.

Over 35 years experience

Over 65 years of experience testing and measuring in the industry we love. From Specialty Trades to Global Commercial / Retail construction, NEXTEK brings a passion for building to your project.


So often in construction we are in a race to start. At NEXTEK Construction we put our focus on planning ahead. We spend extra time in the beginning of every project focusing on design and sourcing so we can guarantee the construction phase is smooth and well planned. The steps taken in preplanning set the foundation for a successful project.


Our team is focused on ensuring clear and concise communication throughout the project. To enable that, we utilize transparent communication channels through software systems, removing the gaps that traditional email creates.


Spaghetti Western Ranch

SW Reno - Barn Build

Bathroom Glow Up

A simple, clean and elegant Bathroom Renovation.

NPSG - Commercial TI

Manufacturing and Fabrication Commercial TI

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A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.
Louis Kahn

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